EWoT: Rhodric

Rhodric was an Aiel who lived toward the end of the Breaking. His story is learned from Rand's visions in the ter'angreal of Rhuidean.

Ancestry of Rand al'Thor

Charn ↠ ? ↠ ? ↠ CouminJonaiAdanMarindLewinJeordam ↠ ? ↠ Rhodric ↠ ? ↠ Comran ↠ ? ↠ Mandein ↠ ... ↠ JanduinRand al'Thor


Rhodric was twenty when the Aiel encountered the people who allowed the Aiel to dig wells and draw water on their land, these people would later build the nation of Cairhien.

Later, he led the Aiel to kill some men who tried to enter the Waste.

Rhodric is an ancestor of Rand.[1]


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