EWoT: Ryne Venamar

Ryne Venamar
Ryne Venamar
Biographical information
Nationality Malkier
Date of birth 948 NE
Date of death 979 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair color Braided with bells
Chronological and political information
First appeared NS 16
Affiliation Darkfriend

Ryne Venamar was a Malkieri swordsman and Darkfriend.


He was as tall as Lan Mandragoran and was five years older. He had two long bell-laced braids in his hair.




He moved to Arafel when Lan was ten. He dressed and kept his hair in Arafellin style. While he wore no hadori, he did wear his sword in the traditional Malkieri way and Lan judged him to be a better swordsman than himself. He worked as a merchant's guard.

Ryne accompanied Lan and Bukama Marenellin when they met Moiraine Damodred on the road from Canluum to Chachin. Ryne was a Darkfriend and served Merean Redhill, who was of the Black Ajah, at Aesdaishar Palace. By her order, he killed Bukama and fought Lan. Ryne Venamar was killed by Lan in the fight. His body was disposed of by Moiraine.