EWoT: Rysael din Yulan

Rysael din Yulan
Biographical information
Nationality Atha'an Miere
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared TPOD 5
Last appeared KOD 33
Affiliation Atha'an Miere
Rank Windfinder

Rysael din Yulan is a Windfinder of the Sea Folk. She is dignified.


She is strong in the One Power, equalling Naime who is described almost as strong as Lelaine Akashi. However this is not confirmed by TWoTC where Naime's level of strength is described only as 16(4) (and not as 14(2) which is a level below Lelaine). But even the lesser level of strength is enough to open a suitable gateway for Travel.

Anyway Rysael stands in higher rank than Rainyn, who is stronger than her, making clear that, unlike Aes Sedai, among Windfinders the rank is not defined by strength in the One Power.


She is part of the thirteen women who link up and channel into the Bowl of the Winds to change the weather at the Kin's farm.

She is one of the Windfinders being tutored by Aes Sedai in Caemlyn.

When Elayne Trakand is captured by the Black Ajah Birgitte Silverbow manages to convince Chanelle din Seran White Shark and the rest of the Sea Folk Windfinders that without Elayne there is no bargain. The normally reserved and calm Rysael quivers at being involved. They Travel to the area where the Black Ajah are riding a wagon with Elayne inside. The strike force ride towards the wagon, but are decimated by Balefire from Asne Zeramene. Birgitte finally convinces the Windfinders to actively attack the Black Ajah. The Windfinders all link with Chanelle in control and attack the wagon with lightning, killing Asne in the process. They shield all the remaining Black Ajah members so they can be taken captive by Elayne's troops.