A male s'redit.

S'redit are an animal from the Seanchan Empire, though Valan Luca made fanciful claims that they were from Shara.[1]

S'redit are extremely large, with wrinkled gray skin, big ears, and long snouts that reach the ground. The adults also have huge curving tusks. In another age, they would be called elephants.


The s'redit chapter icon

On the mainland, Valan Luca has named them "boar-horses," for interest and ease of pronunciation. He has three of them in his traveling show: Mer, a bull, Sanit, a cow or female, and Nerin a new-born calf.[2] They are cared for by a Seanchan woman named Cerandin who had once served as a handler in the Court of the Nine Moons.[3] She uses a heavy hooked goad in training.

S'redit are also used by the Seanchan as work animals and for war, such as the invasion in Falme.

In The Dragon Reborn, It is mentioned that inhabitants of the westlands do not know what animal ivory comes from, as it is traded for from the lands beyond the Aiel Waste. While the natural assumption would be a large, elephant-like creature such as the S'redit, the ivory trade in the westlands was present long before the Seanchan invasion. Unless there are wild S'redit in Shara as well as Seanchan (like the separate populations of African and Asian Elephants of our time), traded ivory must come from another animal, such as a walrus or narwhal.


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