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Salidar location in Altara.

Salidar is a small village in Altara. It is one or two miles inland from the River Eldar, on the border with Amadicia.[1][2] It has been abandoned since the Whitecloak War some forty years before, along with other Altaran border villages, but was recently used as the headquarters of the Aes Sedai who rebelled against Elaida after Siuan Sanche was deposed as Amyrlin Seat.

It was once again abandoned (except for sisters occasionally going back to recover messenger pigeons) after the rebel Aes Sedai moved against the White Tower. Since it is abandoned, Egwene al'Vere frequently used it as a secret meeting location in Tel'aran'rhiod.

Salidar is of some note in the history of the Aes Sedai as it was the birthplace of Deane Aryman, acknowledged as one of the greatest Amyrlins since Rashima Kerenmosa. Aryman is credited with restoring the prestige of the Aes Sedai after her predecessor Bonwhin Meraighdin severely weakened them by provoking Artur Hawkwing into besieging Tar Valon for twenty years (FY 975 - 994). It was Aryman who exposed Bonwhin and led her deposing and stilling in FY 992. At the time of Aryman's birth, Salidar was located in the kingdom of Shiota, and called Sallie Daera.


The name may be a nod to a tradition of using the expression cellar door, regarded as one of the most phonetically pleasing phrases, as the source for a place name among fantasy authors. It has been used by Tolkien (Selador), C.S. Lewis (Selladore) and Ursula K. LeGuin (Selidor). Outside of the fantasy writers it has also used as a place name by Norman Mailer (Selador) and referenced in pop culture like the movie Donnie Darko.[3]


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