EWoT: Saml Hake

Saml Hake is the innkeeper of the Dancing Cartman in Four Kings.


He is a bony man with long, stringy hair that hangs to his shoulders.


After Rand al'Thor and Mat Cauthon fled from Whitebridge following their encounter with a Myrddraal, they came to Four Kings, hoping to earn a meal and night's rest in return for performing as they had learned under the tutelage of Thom Merrilin. Hake quickly established himself as greedy and unhindered by any ethical shackles, striking a barmaid hard enough to send her to the floor for the offense of informing him that his dulcimer player was unreliable, causing her to drop and break a mug of wine, which Hake then docked her pay for. When he agreed to allow them a meal and lodging for their performance, he did so as if it pained him. When the two boys took a break to eat, Hake seemd furious, even though their performance had packed his previously nearly empty establishment, all they while eyeing Rand's sword and Thom's flute hungrily, clearly intending to rob them. When business finally died late at night, Hake and his two bouncers, Jak and Strom, led Mat and Rand to an out of use store room with makeshift beds, and left, their intention presumably to rob them in their sleep, however he would not get the opportunity, as Hawol Gode, a Darkfriend, made his move first, somehow immobilizing Hake and his lackeys. Rand unknowingly channels during this encounter, and subsequently he and Mat escape.[1]


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