Samma N'Sei, meaning "Eye Blinders" in the Old Tongue, are male Aiel channelers and descendants who serve the Dark One. They dwell in a town constructed by prison labor in the Great Blight, near Shayol Ghul.

The Samma N'Sei are a corrupted and subverted group of Aiel warriors. Aiel men who discover they can channel tainted saidin will go north into the Blight to fight the Shadow. It appears that since the Breaking, many have been captured over time and turned to the Shadow. Afterwards, these Aiel men have been able to channel saidin with the Dark One's protection from the taint. There are inverse differences among the Samma N'Sei to Aiel culture. Proper Aiel veil themselves before killing, while the Samma N'Sei unveil before making a kill. Those that are turned also file their teeth to points.

These are the people who had attacked Barriga when he fled from Heeth Tower towards the Great Blight.[1]


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