EWoT: Sarainya Vostovan

Sarainya Vostovan is a member of the Kin in Ebou Dar. She is also a noblewoman originally from Arafel.

Appearance and Attitude

She is a strikingly handsome woman and has a husky, forceful voice.

She kept the form of every rule exactly, but she is stubborn and does things her own way.

She is a proud woman who didn't like wearing the red belt and working or living among the poor.

Strength and Abilities

Sarainya is weak in the One Power. Her strength is 46(34), one level below the minimum to test for Aes Sedai. It is around the same level as Alise, Dimana or Caiden, but unlike them, she would be able to become Accepted, but never beyond that.[1] The Wheel of Time Companion reveals that she was raised to Accepted only for political reasons, as she came from a great noble family.

To wear a red belt of a Wise Woman in Ebou Dar means that Sarainya has some proficiency with Healing.


Sarainya is 76 years old, she was born in 924 NE, went to the Tower in 940 NE and was a novice for ten years. In 950 NE she was raised Accepted for political reasons and after that was sent away from the White Tower. It is not clear why she chose to join the Kin instead of returning to her noble family.


When still in Ebou Dar Sarainya came to Reanne Corly with the news that Callie had been murdered.

She Traveled from Ebou Dar to the Kin's farm and then to Andor following the leadership of Elayne and Nynaeve.

She, along with a number of other Kin, were starting to develop a backbone and she had started to question Aes Sedai decisions.

When Garenia and Kirstian were identified as runaways and put back in novice white, Asra and Sarainya attempted a revolt, but they were punished for this boldness with a switching.


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