Seandar is the Seanchan Imperial Capital and is the largest city in the Empire of Seanchan, most likely the largest city in the world.

Seandar is located inland at the confluence of three great river networks, roughly halfway between the dividing channel and the Aryth Ocean. The city is located on an immense peninsular that extends for several thousand miles north and east out of the southern landmass of the continent, which mostly lies south of the equator. As such, it is somewhat remote from the other major cities of the continent, which may explain why it was able to grow to a large size and gave its name to the rest of the continent during the centuries following the Breaking of the World. Seandar is located at approximately the same latitude as Tremalking, but more than 5,000 miles to the west.

Seandar was an obvious target for the forces commanded by Luthair Paendrag Mondwin after his initial invasion had secured parts of the northern landmass, including the city of Imfaral. Once the renegade Aes Sedai known as Deain gave him the secrets of a'dam manufacture, Luthair was able to prosecute the conquest of Seanchan much more successfully, and eventually Seandar fell to his advance. It was designated as the Imperial Capital shortly thereafter.

Seandar is the location of the Court of the Nine Moons and the Crystal Throne, from where the Empress rules over her vast empire. It is also the location of the Tower of Ravens, the imperial prison and headquarters for the Seekers for Truth, the imperial police force.

In 1000 NE, whilst large numbers of Seanchan troops were engaged in the Corenne, the reconquest of the Westlands in the name of Artur Hawkwing, the city of Seandar was rocked by the slaughter of most of the imperial family, including the Empress Radhanan and all of her heirs west of the Aryth Ocean, by the Forsaken Semirhage. In the aftermath of the massacre, more than fifty nobles claimed the Crystal Throne and a civil war erupted, with Seandar and a dozen other major cities seeing both fighting and substantial looting. The outcome of this situation remains to be seen.

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