The Sharom shortly after the Bore was created.

The Sharom was a floating white sphere located above the university of Collam Daan in V'saine, in the Age of Legends.

The spherical building soared high above the university's silver and blue domes and was over a thousand feet in diameter, a sky-borne pearl that celebrated the triumph of their art.[1] People could reach the building entrance using either air transport or the One Power. Together, Collam Daan and the Sharom were the main site for advanced research, experiments with the One Power, and teaching. The Power was not used in the construction of this great architectural accomplishment, rather it was used for the studies that led to the development of the necessary technologies that kept the Sharom hovering over the city by utilizing the planet's magnetic and gravitational fields. It is said that the creators of the Sharom chose the impractical design "because they could."[2]

When the Bore was created by Beidomon and Mierin Eronaile (Lanfear), researchers at Collam Daan, the Sharom was the location chosen for the experiment. The resulting backlash destroyed the floating Sharom, the building breaking open like an egg. During Rand al'Thor's visions in the glass columns of Rhuidean, he experiences the destruction of the Sharom through the eyes of a past Da'shain Aiel named Charn. Upon the moment of the Bore's creation, a raging explosion of obsidian-colored flame tore it apart, sending pure white chips spiraling into the air.


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