An Aiel wearing a shoufa.

A shoufa is a scarf worn by the Aiel, usually the color of sand or rock. Normally, the scarf-like garment is wrapped around the head and neck, leaving only the face bare.[1] Some time during the Breaking of the World, the Da'shain Aiel added black dust-veils to the garments in response to the harsh conditions they experienced in their travels. The first Da'shain to violate the Way of the Leaf were admonished to hide their faces behind their veils as the rest of the Da'shain did not wish to see the faces of their loved ones on killers. When a modern Aiel pulls the attached veil over his or her mouth, it means that he or she is prepared to kill and is the basis for the derogatory phrase "black-veiled Aiel."

In Rand's visions of the past, a shoufa is mentioned as part of the work clothes of the Aiel working in the fields before the Breaking.


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