EWoT: Simaan

High Lord Simaan is a High Lord of Tear.


He has sharp eyes and a sharp nose.


He is sent with the army of Tear to restore order to Cairhien.[1]

After the battle with the Shaido in Cairhien, Simaan, along with the High Lords Aracome, Gueyam, Hearne, Maraconn and Torean, swore fealty to Rand.

Later instead of taking his men to the Plains of Maredo for the battle with Illian, he commits treason by instead going to Haddon Mirk.

He moves his forces to Tear, where he lays siege to the Stone of Tear. He agrees to dissolve the siege if Darlin Sisnera is made king of Tear. As punishment he has to pay the city a year for food, but is allowed to retain all his lands and titles.

He greets Rand with King Darlin when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.


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