"The world had changed, as it seemed, in the blink of an eye. There had been a world of war and killing on a huge scale, with weapons that reached across miles, across thousands of miles, and then there was...this."
   —From the thoughts of the gholam[1]
A stasis box is a technological device crafted during the Age of Legends. Though little information of these artifacts has survived the Third Age, it is known that items held inside a sealed stasis box will never age, and that time is suspended within the box for as long it remains sealed.[2] Indeed, from the perception of a creature - or object - placed into a stasis box, as soon as the lid of the device closes it immediately re-opens. This bizarre time-defying effect is directly experienced by the gholam which pursues Matrim Cauthon.[1] It is probable that the creature was either placed or tricked into a stasis box during the height of the War of Power, and released in 999 NE.[3] Moreover, it is possible that the ornate container found at the Eye of the World containing the Horn of Valere and the Dragon Banner was a stasis box put into place by Solinda, Oselle and Zorelle Sedai after the destruction of Paaran Disen in the hopes that its unaged contents would be recovered in the far future by the Dragon Reborn.

Sometime prior to 998 NE, Ishamael located a stasis box that contained dozens of zomara,[4] which later serve wine to Darkfriends at the Darkfriend Social.[5] In 999 NE Graendal found a stasis box that contained Streith and Sammael found another which contained "lots of goodies, and something else,"[6] - a possible reference to the gholam.


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