A stedding.

Stedding (pronounced: STEHD-ding) are havens for their inhabitants, the Ogier. Ogier who remain outside the stedding too long usually die of the Longing.


An Ogier stedding is a beautiful place. An aura of peace seems to surround all, even non-channelers, and all feels well. The stedding also has another important characteristic, it blocks access to the True Source for Channelers. The inability to form Waygates inside a stedding seem to indicate that weaves of the One Power can not exist inside, even if channeled from outside. Far Madding's ter'angreal, the Guardian, simply prevents one from embracing/seizing the Source, but weaves from outside can penetrate the barrier. Wells would, presumably, be ineffective inside a stedding.

Stedding are also inaccessible from Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams.


In the Age of Legends the Ogier had their steddings but they were not bound to them as they are now. During the Breaking of the World, after the War of Power, the stedding was lost to the Ogier, and the longing took them. An Ogier will now sicken and die if he is away too long from the stedding.


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The Ogier gardeners from Seanchan have taken a much different path from their brethren from the Westlands. It is unknown how the Breaking affected them.

List of stedding

The average population of a stedding is thought to be around six thousand Ogier, although this number is not thought to be very accurate. There are currently forty-one populated steddings.


An Ogier stedding.

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