Stones is a two-player game featured prominently in the Wheel of Time universe. It seems to be played much like Go, where each player is assigned one of two colors of army. Each player alternates placing a stone on the board with the intention being to capture the stones of the opponent's army.

Stones is popular in all countries in the Westlands as well as overseas in the Seanchan empire meaning that it must at least pre-date Artur Hawkwing.

Be'lal is said to have bragged to have once beaten Lews Therin.

In the introduction to The Path of Daggers, Moridin remembers that its original name from before the Breaking was no'ri, and that it is in a similar class of games to tcheran and sha'rah, which he prefers due to its more complicated nature.

It is considered a gentleman's game, like chess, and is valued by both generals and rulers. It was said that all of the intrigues and all of lifes pleasures was found in this game

People who are play stones well are known to be good at both the game of houses as well as leading a battlefield. People who are exceptually good at either are the best players at stones throughout the series (Thom, the best at the Game but not well established at being a general, and Mat, the best at being a general but awful at leading a nation; as well as multiple examples shown throughout the series such as Morgase.

One particular aspect that makes stones a game mastered by monarchs and generals is the fact that you have as much time as needed to make your play. This balances out the aspect of generals having very limited time and monarchs having realistically as much time as they need. In this sense, stones similar to chess as well as Go.


Stones seems to be a parallel of the real-world game of Go, which originated from ancient China.