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Swearing occurs quite often in the books in both someone saying a swear word and someone thinking one. Insults also occur just as often.

Popular Swear Words

  • Bloody - Is a swear word by itself, "bloody" is also used to enhance or illustrate anger or annoyance (e.g. "blood and bloody ashes" [See blood and ashes], "Bloody women!", "Bloody fools!").
  • Flaming - Is a swear word by itself, "flaming" is also used to preface to another word to show potent expression of anger or annoyance (e.g. "Flaming Aes Sedai").
  • Blasted - A swear word used in conjunction with another word, similar in usage to "damned" (e.g. "Blasted Dragon Reborn").
  • Light - Used when astonished (e.g. "Light help us") or an exclamation (e.g. "Light!").
  • Burn (me, you, other person/group/object) - Similar use as damn (e.g. "Damn you", "Burn you") commonly used in response to some upsetting news (e.g. "Burn my bones").

Insults, Curses, and Vulgar Phrases

  • Blood and ashes - Expresses anger, disgust, another negative emotion. Commonly intensified by using bloody ("blood and bloody ashes").
  • Bloody ox of a thimble-brained man[1] - Combination of insults and swears meaning a big man with a small brain; another way of calling someone an idiot.
  • Bilge stone[2] - Sea Folk insult, referring to the waste on board a ship.
  • Boneheaded[3] - Idiotic.
  • Bull-goose fool - A reckless idiot ("twice he had stepped through a ter'angreal like a bull-goose fool,"[4] "still smiling like a bull-goose fool,"[5] "a pure bull-goose fool"[6][7]).
  • Chit - Derogatory term for girl, used like 'bitch' or 'twit' ("a lazy chit,"[8] "you ill-tempered little chit,"[9] "if she wore dresses and simpered at him like a brainless chit,"[10] etc.).
  • Crackbrain[11][12] - Idiotic or crazy.
  • Daughter/Son of the sands - Extreme Sea Folk insult, usually is followed by violence.[2]
  • Fish-loving scavenger - Sea Folk insult, probably not as "mild" as Elayne imagines.[13]
  • Goat-kissing - Describing someone or something as despicable or annoying (e.g. "Goat-kissing Halfman",[14] "straight through to the goat-kissing ferry,"[15] or "sisters mingling with those goat-kissing Asha'man[16]).
  • Goat-spawned toad[17] - Generally berating insult.
  • Goose-brain[18] - Idiot; also goose-brained.[19]
  • Light-blinded fool - A righteous, ignorant, misguided, or stupid person ("If you weren't such a Light blinded fool,"[20] or "Burn me for a bloody Light-blinded fool"[21]) Also light-blinded idiot.[22]
  • Light-forsaken - Something that is desolate or wretched ("Even here in this Light-forsaken corner of the world,"[23] or "Light-forsaken axe! Burn me, I wish I had never seen it!"[24])
  • Lightskirt[25] - A person who is "easy," or a slut.
  • Lummox - An oaf, idiot, or lump of a man; usually with an adjective, such as "addle-brained lummox,"[18] "hairy lummox"[26] (one of Faile's insults toward Perrin,) "wool-headed lummox,"[27][28], or simply "great lummox."[29]
  • Milk-faced - Descriptive of a pretty woman, implying she uses her beauty to tempt men ("He wants a milk-faced vixen who runs about half-naked,"[26] "that milk-faced chit"[30]).
  • Milk-hearted - Cowardly, weak, or timid;[31] sometimes used by Aiel to describe wetlanders.[32][33]
  • Mule - Someone who is stubborn is often compared to a mule ("Stubborn as a cross-eyed mule,"[34] "surlier than a mule with four stone-bruised hooves,"[31] or "mule-headed"[35]).
  • Mother's milk in a cup - Expression of disgust, anger; an obscenity considered particularly vulgar.[25][36]
  • Muscle-brained cretin[1] - Big, stupid man or one who thinks with his muscles.
  • Peace! - Shienaran exclamation of surprise or used like "gosh" ("Peace, but it is good to see you"[37]).
  • Sheep swallop - As in, "Oh sheep swallop! Sheep swallop and bloody buttered onions!"[38] Meaning unknown beyond being impressively foul language.
  • Silverpike - Tairen expression meaning a swarm of small troubles that together create one big one, can mean persistent, immediate trouble ("Samara's a school of silverpike around a chunk of bloody meat"[9]).
  • Summer ham[33] - Coarse and slightly obscure insult.
  • Thieving fisher-bird - Tairen expression for a sneaky thief ("And burn the thieving fisher-bird,"[39] "had her flapping like a fisher-bird whose catch had been stolen,"[10] "a temper in you like a fisher-bird with a bone in its throat,"[40] "that fool girl has less brains than a fisher-bird"[41]).
  • Treekillers - Aiel epithet for Cairhienin.
  • Witches/Tar Valon witches[42] - Epithet used to refer to Aes Sedai, especially common among Whitecloaks.[43][44]
  • Wooden-headed buffoon[26] - An idiot.
  • Woolhead - A pejorative term used by or about Two Rivers folk, connoting one who stubbornly denies the obvious or the truth.[45]. A common insult used extensively,[46][47][48][49][25][50][7][51][52][53][54][55] wool-headed used just as frequently, often as a "wool-headed fool"[56][57] [58][59] or "wool-headed idiot,"[60][61][8][62][63][64] referring to an idiot mistake[65][66] or just a "wool-headed man."[67][68]

Obsolete Curses

  • Tsag - An obscenity uttered by Sammael, possibly from the Old Tongue.[69]
  • Bajad drovja - Another curse from the lips of Sammael, presumably from the Age of Legends.[69]
  • kjasic - An expletive spoken by Sammael used as an adjective: "in the this kjasic flyspeck of a city!"[70]


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