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"Life is very unsettling with ta'veren for friends."

Ta'veren (pronounced: tah-VEER-ehn) are people around whom the Wheel of Time specifically weaves the Pattern with all surrounding life-threads.[2] No one is born ta'veren. The Pattern turns them to be one when there is a need and they are only ta'veren until they fulfill their purpose. [3]

Web of Destiny

The three main ta'veren. (from left Perrin Aybara, Rand al'Thor and Matrim Cauthon

A ta'veren is a central focal point for a Web of Destiny in the Pattern. These people are spun out and used by the Wheel to correct itself when the weave begins to drift from the intended Pattern. Since the purpose of ta'veren is to influence life threads to create change, the destinies of ta'veren themselves are more strictly controlled by the Wheel of Time itself than those of an average person. These Webs of Destiny (or ta'maral'ailen in the Old Tongue) are almost always arduous for those that live through that Age but are an unfortunate necessity for the Wheel. The more change required, the more ta'veren that are born.

"The Wheel of Time weaves the Pattern of the Ages, and the threads it uses are lives. It is not fixed, the Pattern, not always. If a man tries to change the direction of his life and the Pattern has room for it, the Wheel just weaves on and takes it in. There is always room for small changes, but sometimes the Pattern simply won't accept a big change, no matter how hard you try....And sometimes the Wheel bends a life-thread, or several threads, in such a way that all the surrounding threads are forced to swirl around it, and those force other threads, and those still others, and on and on. That first bending to make the Web, that is ta'veren, and there is nothing you can do to change it, not until the Pattern itself changes. The Web - ta'maral'ailen, it's called - can last for weeks, or for years. It can take in a town, or even the whole Pattern."
   —Loial to Rand Al'Thor[4]

Noted ta'veren


"He was the most strongly ta'veren of whom any writings remain.[5]"
"He would not turn away from some of the things that happened to ta'veren in stories. Wealth and fame dropped into their pockets as if from the sky; men who wanted to kill them decided to follow instead, and women with ice in their eyes decided to melt."
   —Mat's thoughts[6]

It is also possible that Gitara Moroso was ta'veren to some degree, as has been suggested by fandom. Without her and her crucial Foretellings, Moiraine Damodred would never have gone to the Two Rivers in the first place and Tigraine Mantear would not have gone to the Waste and given birth to the Dragon on the slopes of Dragonmount.

Present-day ta'veren

Ta'veren appear to affect the Pattern based on their own personalities and skills. Perrin Aybara's ta'veren nature tends strongly to manifest in influencing people, causing people to do or say things they otherwise would not. By contrast, Mat Cauthon's twisting of the Pattern manifests as a warping of the laws of chance, and tends to be limited to a fairly local area. It most often manifests as extreme good luck for Mat, as well as apparently warning him of important events to come.

By far the most powerful ta'veren in the present-day world, and possibly the most powerful in history, is Rand al'Thor. His presence in an area causes any number of completely unpredictable and improbable occurrences, from throwing the laws of chance completely askew to two young people who can't stand each other suddenly marrying. This effect is uncontrollable and can extend to cover a wide area, influencing an entire village or a large part of a major city.

"I saw the boy, you know, in the courtyard during the Welcome. It is one of my Talents, seeing ta'veren. [...] he blazed like the sun. I've seldom been afraid of my life, but the sight of him made me afraid right down to my toes. I wanted to cower, to howl."
   —Siuan Sanche to Moiraine about Rand al'Thor [7]

The phenomenon of three contemporaneous ta'veren as strong as Rand, Perrin and Mat seems to be unique in known history. There is a definite link beyond the fact of their Two Rivers origin and closeness in birth date. They have been experiencing momentary disorientation and visions of flashing colors whenever each think of the other ta'veren, even momentary glimpses of each other. Each of the three know that they are being tugged toward one another, and that it will be important to reunite in order to fight in the Last Battle.

Examples and facts

  • Ta'veren changes the probability of something happening, e.g. they can cause a person to fall off a house and then get up without a scratch on them, yet someone else can easily trip over a stick and break their neck. This implies that ta'veren do not make the impossible happen, though the improbable may be perceived as "impossible." Several characters have made comments to this effect.
  • Rand al'Thor thinks that for all the "good" ta'veren effects, there are equal amounts of "bad" ta'veren effects. This effect is implied to have changed after he first touched the True Power.
  • It is said that ta'veren can be tracked and located by their effect on the Pattern, but only the Forsaken, namely Ishamael and Lanfear, know how to do so.[8]
  • Certain ter'angreal may replicate or influence the probability-changing effects of ta'veren, such as the six spotted dice ter'angreal used by the Black Ajah in Tear.[9]
  • Moiraine speculated that ta'veren attracts the "bubble of evil"[10] due to the Dark One's influence on the Pattern. Nearly all bubbles occurred near ta'veren.
  • Ta'veren have a mysterious effect in the world of the Aelfinn. One ta'veren is intriguing to the Aelfinn (they comment on "the savor") but the presence of two put a strain of some kind on their world. Bells tolled and the earth quaked as though the world was trying to crumble.[11]

People with the Talent to see ta'veren


Descriptions of ta'veren and their effects on the Pattern resemble that of Strange Attractors.

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