Reordering of member's list

Reordered members list to be in terms of rank, looks tidier now i believe - Alethios 27-06-07

The Charl_Gedwyn page calls him "the self-appointed Tsorovan'm'hael", Asha'man refers to the rank as though M'Hael were 'Field Marshal' (5 star General), Tsorovan'm'hael were Full General (4 star), and Baijan'm'hael were Lieutenant General (3 star). The pages for Tsorovan'm'hael and Baijan'm'hael also seem to say they are ranks similar to 4 and 3 star Generals. Either Charl_Gedwyn should be altered to fit with the rest of the pages (Charl Gedwyn was an Asha'man and held the rank Tsorovan'm'hael.) or the various pages should be altered to conform to some other standard.

Now the reason I put this into Asha'man is I always read the Storm Leader title to be the leader of the Storm division. Which would say that Charl was the only Storm Leader, but there was someone else who was a Wildfire Leader, and considered of equal rank, a Whirlpool Leader, and a Typhoon Leader, all of equal rank (commanding the Wildfire, Whirlpool, and Typhoon divisions respectively). Now I understand there is no basis for this, I was simply wondering if some of the support material (BBoBA, WoRJWoT, an interview) says that Tsorovan'm'hael was a non-unique rank or if that is simply the most logical reading of the books. Also if it is a non-unique rank then the list of Asha'man at the bottom should have Charl and Manel Rochaid under Tsorovan'm'hael and Baijan'm'hael respectively, not under Asha'man. If they are field appointments (temporary rank) or something else, that should be called out as well. Melriken 18:13, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

Yes, it seems they were more of an inner circle of Taim's, so they ranks should be equivalent. They seem more like Ajah leaders, but of course i doubt anything will be confirmed, since the Black tower isn't nearly organized enough to have ajahs.
That was a comment from 2008, and all this is speculation, they should most probably be grouped all together under the Asha'man title, with bracketed infos about their titles. — fbstj 20:05, November 18, 2010 (UTC)

Black Tower info

I'm not sure the feasiblity of this...but perhaps we can find some more clarity between what should be on the Ash'a man page and the black tower page...

And this clarity can be brought to the White tower vs. Aes Sedai page, perhaps? Empty words I suppose, since I haven't the foggiest notion on how to start. Perhaps by putting the organization things under the black tower? Soldiers aren't Ash'aman after all, right? They are all orgnizational units found under the black tower.

I'll think on this and get back to it. Any thoughts from others are warmly welcome. Nisha noire 01:07, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

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