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"The remaining living Aes Sedai formed the White Tower, they also began the use of the Oath Rod, a device used during the Age of Legends to bind people to a task. The side effect from the rod drastically reduces the longevity provided by the power. It is safe to assume that those already several hundred years old would die out in a relatively short period of time, perhaps 30-40 years"

I am wondering about the correctness of that part of the article. The Oath Rod wasn't used to bind people to a task; it was used to bind those who had committed violent crimes to prevent them froom doing so again.

Also, what is the source for the statement that it is "safe to assume" that the first Aes Sedai to take the Oaths died off in 30-40 years? I have never seen anything conclusive on that topic, and I am of the opinion that they'd have their remaining lifespan cut in half. I.e. a 300-year-old Aes Sedai would have maybe 100-150 years left to live. Added on 18:07, December 25, 2010‎ by

I've removed that whole passage. Even if it is accurate, it belongs in the Oath Rod or White Tower, not the Breaking article. -- nae'blis 14:40, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Second or Third Age?

This page is catagorized in "Second Age", but I always thought the start of the Third Age was the sealing of the Bore. Does anyone knows more about it? Or can anyone explain it? Asha'man Leyrann Gaidin 13:43, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

The page questions why the female Aes Sedai weren't able to get the insane men under control.  I think you're forgetting the info from a Strike on Shayol Ghul.  Namely, there were other Chosen and quite a bit of Shadow-aligned forces still out there after the Bore was sealed.  The female Aes Sedai were stuck fighting a two-front war against the remaining Shadow forces and the male Aes Sedai.  I don't think all the conjecture about why the male Aes Sedai had a bunch of sa'angreal and angreal makes sense either.  It was a war - of course the bulk of the sa'angreal and angreal were in the hands of Aes Sedai.  They were being used in the war! 17:16, December 18, 2012 (UTC)

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