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  • Book 1, Chapter 15, Page 215
  • Book 2, Chapter 24, Page 361
  • Book 4, Chapter 1

  • Book 3, Chapter 2
  • Book 5, Chapter 50
  • Book 6, Chapter 41
  • Book 7, Chapter 19

I noticed that this will become partially obsolete after The Gathering Storm comes out. (the by his side bit) wondering how prepared we should be? MatOdin 02:42, October 24, 2009 (UTC)

Firefly viewing

could the fireflies symbolize Rand, Perrin and Mat's struggle against the Shadow. When there is only one of them gathered the fireflies lose, maybe if only one of them is at Tarmon Gai'din they will lose. when two are gathered the fireflies hold back the shadow, possibly the same result in Tarmon Gai'din. though it has not happened yet if all three were gathered my logic says the fireflies would win and the same would apply to Tarmo Gai'din.

Anyone have any comments?

I would elect Min's article to become featured. SIMONBasileuV 08:23, December 20, 2010 (UTC)