• Book 2, Chapter 2, Page 21 (physical description)
  • Book 2, Chapter 4, Page 55 (past history)
  • Book 3, Chapter 12, Page 157-158
  • Book 4, Chapter 1, Page 28

Pillow Friends

So does this mean Siuan and Moriane get it on?

"And for MJJ, as posted by DomA, pillow friends are not just good friends. Oh, they are that, too, but they also get hot and sweaty together and muss up the sheets something fierce. By the way, pillow friends is a term used in the White Tower. The same relationship between men or women elsewhere would be called something else, depending on the country"
   —RJ's Blog, Dragonmount


Seriously Elliot N 15:18, 25 April 2006 (UTC)