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Talmour was a kingdom of the Free Years. It was founded after the end of the Trolloc Wars, and was established on the former territory of Essenia. It was later absorbed by the growing might of Artur Hawkwing's Empire. The lands it once held are now partially controlled by Tear, but are mostly wilderness.


In red location within the Westlands

Talmour lay south of the River Iralell, which forms the entire northern border of the kingdom. The Spine of the World lay to the east, and the River Erinin to the west. Its southern border roughly adheres to the southern eaves of Haddon Mirk, and the kingdom appears to have almost entirely lain within the borders of the forest and swamps.

Its neighbors were Khodomar to the north, Moreina to the south, and Esandara to the west.


Talmour is famed in story and song as the birth-place of Rogosh Eagle-Eye, one of the great heroes of the Ages and among those who return whenever the Horn of Valere is blown. Talmouri maidens are sometimes mentioned in stories as being very 'proper' in their comportment.

Beyond that, little else is known of Talmour. It was invaded by the false Dragon Guaire Amalasan from Moreina during the last few months of the War of the Second Dragon, but Amalasan was unable to complete the conquest, either due to the unfavorable terrain or because he preferred to strike at Khodomar and Tova further to the north. After Amalasan's capture the invading armies dissipated. Talmour was later absorbed by the empire of Artur Hawkwing.

After Hawkwing's death, the territory held by Talmour became part of Mar Haddon. Mar Haddon fell a few centuries later, leaving what was once Talmour to become mostly-uninhabited wilderness.

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