Map of Tanchico


Map of Tanchico

"The best secret to reveal is the face behind a lady's veil, the most deadly is that of an Illuminator's spark."
   —saying in Tanchico

Tanchico is the capital city of Tarabon and one of the oldest surviving cities in Randland.

Tanchico is spread over the steep hills embracing Tanchico Bay at the mouth of the River Andahar, Three separate peninsulas jut into the harbor: the Verana to the east, the Maseta in the center, and the Calpene nearest the sea. These peninsulas are guarded by a dozen fortresses that surround the harbor, and each peninsula has a "circle" or assembly arena among its buildings. The smallest of these, the Great Circle on the Calpene Peninsula, can hold thousands of people to watch horse races or displays of Illuminations. The largest arena is the King's Circle, located on the Maseta Peninsula. The Panarch's Circle is slightly smaller than the King's Circle and is located on the Verana Peninsula, as is the Panarch's Palace.

Panarch's Palace

Part of the Panarch's Palace is believed to have been built as far back as the Age of Legends. One of the walls bears an ancient frieze depicting animals no living man has ever seen, and numerous skeletons of these animals are displayed in the public part of the palace.

The central hall of the palace is lined with rows of white columns and lit from tiny carvings in the walls just below the ceiling and contains a grand display of all types of ancient artifacts, unmatched anywhere. The exhibit includes priceless cuendillar figures, rare sculptures, and even an angreal. It is open to the public, noble and commoner alike, three days a month as well as on feastdays.

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