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This template is used to display an inline footnote reference. Information after the "|" is displayed in the Notes section generated by the {{notes}} template. Multiple references from the same source can be created and displayed on one line in the Notes section by using a second "|" after the reference text. This is the reference ID tag. Following are examples of each. Also, to ensure that URL references display properly, use %3d instead of an equal sign. This will ensure proper coding and display in the Notes section.

Template parameter explination:

{{ref|Reference text goes here.|ID tag goes here}}

Regular reference: {{ref|Regular reference text goes here.}}


Multiple references, first time: {{ref|Multiple references text goes here.|multiple}}


Multiple references, second and subsiquent times: {{ref||multiple}}



  1. Reference text goes here.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Multiple reference text goes here.
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