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"Verin, you are worrying about a lionfish out in the Sea of Storms, while here and now the silverpike are chewing our nets to shreds."
   — Siuan Sanche
For the leader of the Aes Sedai, see Amyrlin Seat.
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Fortress of the Light
1 Waiting
2 Saidin
3 News from the Plain
4 Shadows Sleeping
5 Nightmares Walking
6 The Hunt Begins
7 The Way Out of the Mountains
8 Jarra
9 Wolf Dreams
10 Secrets
11 Tar Valon
12 The Amyrlin Seat
13 Punishments
14 The Bite of the Thorns
15 The Gray Man
16 Hunters Three
17 The Red Sister
18 Healing
19 Awakening
20 Visitations
21 A World of Dreams
22 The Price of the Ring
23 Sealed
24 Scouting and Discoveries
25 Questions
26 Behind a Lock
27 Tel'aran'rhiod
28 A Way Out
29 A Trap to Spring
30 The First Toss
31 The Woman of Tanchico
32 The First Ship
33 Within the Weave
34 A Different Dance
35 The Falcon
36 Daughter of the Night
37 Fires in Cairhien
38 Maidens of the Spear
39 Threads in the Pattern
40 A Hero in the Night
41 A Hunter's Oath
42 Easing the Badger
43 Shadowbrothers
44 Hunted
45 Caemlyn
46 A Message Out of the Shadow
47 To Race the Shadow
48 Following the Craft
49 A Storm in Tear
50 The Hammer
51 Bait for the Net
52 In Search of a Remedy
53 A Flow of the Spirit
54 Into the Stone
55 What Is Written in Prophecy
56 People of the Dragon

<<<   The Amyrlin Seat    >>>
Setting: White Tower, Tar Valon

Point of view: Siuan Sanche

The Amyrlin paced her quarters, waiting for Verin to arrive and pondering contingencies she has prepared for various events that might happen.  Leane, the keeper of the seals, came into the room, announcing Verin and then leaves.  Verin gives news of what has been happening with Rand.  There are no more false dragons, Siuan says. There was a vision in the sky over the battlefields where both were winning and both were unhorsed and knocked unconscious. Mazrim Taim was captured and another false dragon was executed.  Verin took a horn out of her bag, the Horn of Valere.  The Amyrlin is surprised to see it here.  It was supposed to be with Rand al’Thor but it was Mat that blew the Horn. Mat is sick and needs to be healed and there is silent consideration on whether to heal him in time.  The Amyrlin says they can hide the Horn for now.  Verin says they need to deal with the Seanchan, who use the Power as a weapon.  Siuan decides that since the Seanchan were chased away from Falme, there are more important issues to deal with. Verin is asked to give details on what Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne have been doing.