"One pretty woman means fun at the dance. Two pretty women mean trouble in the house. Three pretty women mean run for the hills."
   — saying by Abell Cauthon

External summary

<<<   A Way Out    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is having a snack when Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene come to visit and ask how he is. Mat is suspicious of their visit and Nynaeve admits they came to ask him to do a favor for them. Elayne gives Mat her best pretty little girl look and says she wants him to carry a letter for her, to her mother. Mat asks what he will get out of it. Elayne then tries to make it a favor he should do for the daughter-heir, but that doesn't work either. Egwene says he doesn’t do things for other people, there’s nothing in it for him. Mat decides to stop teasing them and admits that he cannot leave the city.  They give him one of their letters, from the Amyrlin to help him get out of the city.  

Mat asks them for money to help with the cost of the trip, but they have none to spare. He says he will manage. With the issues about the trip settled, they talk about home. He was sorry to see them go.





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