"Why, it is like old times. Sneaking away in the night, with enemies behind us, and maybe enemies ahead, and danger in the air, and the cold tang of adventure."
   — Loial son of Arent son of Halan

External summary

<<<   The Falcon    >>>
Setting: Remen, Manetherendrelle

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin runs upstairs in the inn and tells Loial they are leaving while Lan informs Moiraine.  The stableman asks a lot of questions of Perrin when he asks for their horses.  Lan comes in, and there are no more questions. Loial decides he is beginning to like adventuring.  They ride the horses out of the town to the docks.  Lan finds the captain of the Snow Goose, Jaim Adarra, and arranges passage for them including the horses.  The boat was about to cast off, when a girl jumped onto the deck, saying she will go as far as he (gesturing to Perrin) is going. 

Perrin thinks it is odd for a girl to speak of fighting and killing.  She says she was staring at Perrin because she could figure the others out. She knows Moiraine is Aes Sedai and Lan a warder. She had no idea what to think of him, and she needed to figure him out.  She tells him she is a Hunter and believes they may be able to lead her to the Horn of Valere while Perrin thinks that it is already found. Perrin finally asks her name and she replies Mandarb, which he laughs at. She angrily tells him that Mandarb means blade while he tells her that Lan's horse is named Mandarb. She tells him that her real name is Zarine Bashere but she hates the name Zarine. Perrin turns to go below when Zarine announces she will call herself Faile, which means Falcon and Perrin almost stumbles down the ladder after recalling Min's viewing.[1]








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