"That bloody garden wall again. It should be built three times so high."
   — Martyn Tallanvor on encountering Mat in the palace garden

External summary

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Setting: Caemlyn

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat decides to try again to get into the palace and to deliver the letter from Elayne to Morgase. He climbs up the wall that Rand used when he first met Elayne.[1] Mat drops down into the palace gardens, where he avoids the guards. Mat hears a man with a commanding voice talking about plots. He tells Comar to go to Tear and quietly kill Elayne and also kill the other two which Mat realizes would be Egwene and Nynaeve. Mat peeks through the window and when the man mutters to himself, Mat can tell that it is Comar.

Tallanvor sees Mat, and almost draws his blade. Mat manages to tell him he has a letter from Elayne, showing the seal. Tallanvor wants to deliver the letter but Mat tells him he promised to deliver the letter to Morgase himself. On the way to Morgase, Mat ponders on what his reward will be when he tells Morgase of the plot against her daughter. When Mat gives the letter to Morgase, Gaebril ask to see the letter. Mat realizes Gaebril is the voice he heard ordering Comar to kill Elayne and that he can't reveal the plot. Gaebril gives Mat ten gold marks and tells him to see the world.






  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 39