"So I am supposed to do all the work while you take your ease?"
   —Mat to a very sick Thom

External summary

<<<   In Search of a Remedy    >>>
Setting: Tear, Maule

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Thom is sick with a severe cough. Mat wants him to see a Wise Woman, and Thom says he does not need foul-tasting concoctions. Mat thinks Thom’s cough will not go away on its own. Mat takes Thom to the nearby house where he had seen herbs in the window. He knocks on the door, and Mother Guenna says she can help. As he arrives, he can still see tracks from the carriage that carried Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne away to the Stone.

>Mat thinks Ailhuin's accent sounds like the Amyrlin's. Mat sees three horses tied up in back, which is unusual in this part of the city. Mother Guenna says she knew some girls with his accent. Even though the names are different, after they share descriptions Mat knows he has found the three girls. Mat gets her to tell him where they went. She tells him they were taken to the Stone on orders of High Lord Samon, by women who could channel. Mat leaves to find a way to get the girls out, and leaves Thom with Mother Guenna, despite Thom's protests. As he heads back to the inn, he feels dice tumbling in his head for the first time.






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