"I am an Ogier! What did you think I was? A Trolloc?"
   — Loial son of Arent son of Halan

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Setting: Jarra (village)

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

It seems as though the people have had a feast recently. Perrin thinks he smells something "wrong", very faintly, but doesn't know what it is.[1] They go to the inn, and the Simion is surprised by Loial until he learns he is an Ogier. They dismount, and Moiraine asks if they have had a wedding, and Simion says they have had a plague of weddings. Day and night, more than in the last fifty years! Simion then gets someone to tend the horses, and has the party go inside for beds and meals. Once inside, Moiraine speaks with the innkeeper, and learns that the Children of the Light came through the town and some of them decided they weren't going to be Whitecloaks anymore. One of them said he was going to Tarabon. When Perrin asked Simeon about Rand he said that was the man that played the flute for all the weddings they had.  He left in the middle of the night heading east.

Perrin goes to tell Moiraine and Lan that Rand stayed in the inn the night before. She says that was obvious since Rand's ta'veren nature was behind the weddings and the Whitecloak actions. He tells her that Simeon needs help for his brother, and they go to the stable. Noam has golden eyes, and Simeon says he has been saying he can talk to wolves. Perrin reached out to him, and knows what the brother sees. Moiraine sets about trying to Heal him, and says she cannot. There is nothing in him that remembers being a man. Perrin says he won’t get any better, and his brother should let him out to be with the wolves.






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  1. He later discovers that it is a Gray Man that he can smell. The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 42.

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