"But hope is like a piece of string when you're drowning; it just isn't enough to get you out by yourself."
   —Perrin Aybara on hope

External summary

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Setting: The banks of the Arinelle, outside Shadar Logoth


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin wakes up from a dream of home and working at Master Luhhan's forge. He discovers that he slept under a tree. In a panic, he grabs his axe as last nights events [1] replay in his mind. Perrin reflects that he needs to do "one thing at a time and the most important first" since that is his way. He goes over all of the tools he has and has lost in the escape from the Trollocs. He decides to head down river because of Egwene's swimming ability which would take her longer to cross the river getting pulled down the current.

He searches downriver, jumping behind sparse trees in case Shadowspawn spot him and overcome their fear of water. He finds a hoof print with Master Luhhan's characteristic double crossbar. A small trail leads him to a dense stand of trees and travels through them with a smile. He soon finds Egwene ready to attack him. He calms her and tells her he should have said he was coming. Egwene immediately takes charge of the situation by telling him to dry his clothes by the fire and feeding him. Egwene tells how she got away from the trollocs by Bela nearly pulling her away.

They both sit near the fire and talk of the others they haven't seen, arguing about the intervention of Moiraine in their lives. Perrin talks of how the others could be all dead but decides to hope. Egwene asks what they should do and Perrin is shocked that she didn't decide for them. Drawing in the dirt the locations of the 2 cities and their current location, Perrin decides that they should go cross-country straight to Caemlyn instead of going to Whitebridge. Perrin decides once they get to Caemlyn they will wait a couple of days before moving on to Tar Valon and talk to the Amyrlin Seat directly. They decide to leave then instead of waiting for Perrin to dry even with Egwene protesting.











If wishes were wings, sheep would fly. - Saying of Alsbet Luhhan


  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 21

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