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Setting: Traveling to Caemlyn


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Out of Egwene's earshot, Perrin and Elyas discuss their flight from the ravens. When the situation seemed hopeless, Perrin considered using his axe to end Egwene's life rather than see her torn apart by the ravens. Elyas states Egwene would have preferred the axe to the ravens. Not comforted by those words, Perrin tells Elyas that he hates the axe and never wants to use it again. Elyas tells Perrin that he will use the axe more wisely than another because he does hate it.

Suddenly, the wolves send a view of men and horses heading toward the pool of water near the party's camp. Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas quickly put out their fire and split up to hide; Perrin and Egwene hide under a giant stone hand that is part of a statue of Artur Hawkwing. Soon, men with torches search the hills. During the search, they spot one of the wolves. The men turn out to be Whitecloaks. The Whitecloaks find Perrin and Egwene and order Perrin to drop his axe.

At that moment, the wolf named Hopper leaps from the darkness and attacks the Whitecloaks. The Whitecloaks kill Hopper. This sends Perrin into a rage. He attacks the Whitecloaks, but is knocked unconscious.

Perrin wakes up in the tent of Geofram Bornhald, a Lord Captain of the Children of the Light. He and Egwene are bound and their belongings sit on a table in the tent. A Whitecloak named Byar enters the tent and gives an exaggerated report of the fight with the wolves. Bornhald questions Perrin and Egwene about the wolves and their travels. The answers they give prove, to Bornhald's thinking, that the two are Darkfriends. Bornhald tells Egwene that she may eventually be released, but since Perrin killed two Whitecloaks, he will suffer the penalty for it, which is hanging


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