"Better we were all dead. Everywhere we go, we bring pain and suffering on our backs. It would be better for everyone if we were dead."
   —Perrin Aybara

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Setting: The Queen's Blessing Inn in Caemlyn


Point of view: Rand al'Thor Setting: The Queen's Blessing

Rand enters The Queen's Blessing breathlessly from running all the way from the palace. Lamgwin directs Rand to the library and Basel Gill after telling of an attempt to steal the inn's cats. He finds Master Gill and Loial playing Stones and tells them about the beggar that's been following him [1] and an unbelievable tale about meeting the Queen of Andor.[2] As Rand lays out the details, Master Gill's disbelief changes into worry. He tells Rand to get Mat and prepare to leave the city before Elaida decides to hunt him down. As the humans plot Mat and Rand's departure, Loial asks to leave with him.


"Darkfriends, and Aes Sedai, and the Light knows what else. Or the Dark One. You are going to Tar Valon, and there is a very fine grove there, which I have heard the Aes Sedai tend well. In any case, there is more to see in the world than groves. You are truly ta'veren, Rand. The Pattern weaves itself around you, and you stand at the heart of it." - Loial

Gilda interrupts their meeting with a knock and an ill report of Whitecloaks in the inn. The Whitecloak interrupts Gill's greeting, sneering about his search for two Darkfriends from the Two Rivers.[3][4][5] The Whitecloaks arrogantly compare Morgase to Darkfriends due to her relationship with Tar Valon, prompting every patron to stand and challenge the five men. The lead Whitecloak threatens Basel with the Dragon's Fang suddenly appearing on his door, angering the innkeeper to throw them out.

Gilda interrupts Rand and Basel again to inform them of a Lady in the kitchens asking for Rand and Mat by name. They fear it is the Daughter-Heir until Rand remembers that he never mentioned Mat to Elayne. The pieces click together and Rand races to the kitchen, much to Master Gill's chagrin.

Rand opens the kitchens to see Moiraine, Nynaeve, Egwene, Perrin, and Lan. After introducing everyone to Master Gill, he notices Perrin's downcast stare. Nynaeve asks about Mat, then storms up the stairs when told that he is not well. The joyous reunion turns subdued when Perrin asks about Thom,[6] and grows worse when the Emond's Field folk confront Mat.

Mat Cauthon

"How do I know you're who you look like? Everyone changes. How can I be sure? Perrin? Is that you? You've changed, haven't you? Oh, yes, you've changed[7]... Pretty Nynaeve. A Wisdom isn't supposed to think of herself as a woman, is she?[8] Not a pretty woman. But you do, don't you? Now. You can't make yourself forget that you're a pretty woman, now, and it frightens you. everybody changes. Pretty Egwene. Pretty as Nynaeve. And you share other things, don't you? Other dreams.[9] What do you dream about now?" - Mat

Moiraine's voice interrupts Mat and she orders the Emond's Field folk to back away from him, bodily tossing the Wisdom aside when she moves too slow. Mat and the Aes Sedai lock eyes. She places her hand on him. In the next instant, Mat tries to stab her with the Ruby-hilted dagger. Inches from her throat, Lan's hand seizes Mat's wrist. Moiraine asks Rand how he came by the dagger[10] and his answer displeases her.

Ruby-hilted Dagger

"I felt the evil of it when I laid eyes on him, the touch of Mashadar, but a Fade could sense it for miles. Even though he would not know exactly where, he would know it was near, and Mashadar would draw his spirit while his bones remembered that this same evil swallowed an army- Dreadlords, Fades, Trollocs, and all. Some Darkfriends could probably feel it, too." - Moiraine

Rand recalls his misadventures with Darkfriends and Shadowspawn during the journey to Caemlyn[6][11][12][13] and tells them of rumors of strange things outside the city. Lan confirms the appearance of Trollocs and Myrddraal waiting for the time to strike.

Moiraine explains how dangerous the dagger is before kicking the Emond's Field folk out of the room so she can concentrate on Healing Mat with her angreal.











The One Power


"There can only be one reason; when the Fades have enough numbers, they will come into the city after you. That act may send half the armies of the south marching to the Borderlands, but evidence is that they're willing to take the risk. You three have escaped them too long. It looks like you've brought a new Trolloc War to Caemlyn, sheepherder."
   —Lan Mandragoran
"Better we were all dead. Everywhere we go, we bring pain and suffering on our backs. It would be better for everyone if we were dead."
"What do you think to gain, for yourself or anyone else, by dying? If the Lord of the Grave has gained as much freedom to touch the Pattern as I fear, he can reach you dead more easily that alive, now. Dead, you can help no one, not the people who have helped you, not your friends and family back in the Two Rivers. The Shadow is falling over the world, and none of you can stop it dead."


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