"Go easy when you pass through a Waygate, Rand. Things are... different inside the Ways than out. Look."

External summary

<<<   The Dark along the Ways    >>>
Setting: The Queen's Blessing Inn in Caemlyn, The Ways


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Moiraine, Lan and Loial leave The Queen's Blessing Inn and head to the stable led by Basel Gill. Inside the stable are horses for everyone including Loial, even though he would rather walk. The back wall of the stable is a hidden door to an alley. The party exits the stable and Loial leads them to the Waygate beneath a house in Caemlyn.

Moiraine channels to unlock a basement door. Lanterns are lit and the horses led down a ramp into the basement. Lan closes the door behind them. What appears to be a wall decorated with flowers and vines is really the Waygate. Moiraine lifts a leaf off the wall and places it lower down, which opens the gate to The Ways.

The party enters a very different environment where the darkness presses down on them and the lanterns can barely hold back the darkness. Loial leads them through The Ways by reading guidings on each island. Sometimes they travel over a bridge to the next island and sometimes a curving ramp. There is much evidence of decay. They eat on the move. Suddenly they come to a gap in the bridge they were using.

Caemlyn Waygate

The Caemlyn Waygate









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