"This place, is always where it is. All that changes is where those who need it are."
   —Green Man

External summary

<<<   The Dark One Stirs    >>>
Setting: The Blight, Eye of the World
Point of view: Rand al'Thor



"Then we will continue to hunt until we do find it. The Green Man senses need, and there can be no need greater than ours. Our need is the hope of the world" - Moiraine

The stifling heat of the Blight and a sullen dawn wakes Rand and the others. He notices Nynaeve’s eyes, red from crying and Lan's face from their discussion last night.[1] Egwene picks up the Wisdom’s spirits while the party gathers their belongings. Moiraine erases their presence from the campsite with the One Power, Nynaeve’s reaction to the Aes Sedai’s channeling confirms her suspicions that Nynaeve can be taught to channel.

They journey deeper into the Blight, where Mat notices how the trees seem to want to reach out and grab them. Moiraine’s assurances that they want no part of what she is does little reassure the party. As the danger grows, Lan charges into the forest alone, while the Aes Sedai orders the Emond’s Field folk to gather closer to her for protection. The Blight closes tighter around them as the group races to the high passes, not to safety, but toward danger that their current enemies will flee from. A pack of Worms gives them a respite as the creatures they fought fear them. But Lan’s knowledge of Worms gives the party more reason to flee faster than before. As the Wormpack gets closer, Lan announces that they won’t make it. Rand’s desperation increases his need to get to the Eye. That need directs to the Eye, a bountiful garden of trees and wildflowers and butterflies.

A figure out of legend greets them, The Green Man, who greets Loial, Perrin, and Rand oddly and then leads the group the Eye of the World.










The One Power



"Agelmar said that the Blight stirs. Perhaps the Blight also knows a Web is forming in the Pattern."
   —Al'Lan Mandragoran on the Blight
"Carai an Caldazar! Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande! Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar! Al Ellisande!"
   —Matrim Cauthon


  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 48

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