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"The Prophecies will be fulfilled. The Dragon is Reborn."
   —Moiraine Damodred
Book Index


Dragonmount - Ravens
1 An Empty Road
2 Strangers
3 The Peddler
4 The Gleeman
5 Winternight
6 The Westwood
7 Out of the Woods
8 A Place of Safety
9 Tellings of the Wheel
10 Leavetaking
11 The Road to Taren Ferry
12 Across the Taren
13 Choices
14 The Stag and Lion
15 Strangers and Friends
16 The Wisdom
17 Watchers and Hunters
18 The Caemlyn Road
19 Shadow's Waiting
20 Dust on the Wind
21 Listen to the Wind
22 A Path Chosen
23 Wolfbrother
24 Flight Down the Arinelle
25 The Traveling People
26 Whitebridge
27 Shelter from the Storm
28 Footprints in Air
29 Eyes Without Pity
30 Children of Shadow
31 Play for Your Supper
32 Four Kings in Shadow
33 The Dark Waits
34 The Last Village
35 Caemlyn
36 Web of the Pattern
37 The Long Chase
38 Rescue
39 Weaving of the Web
40 The Web Tightens
41 Old Friends and New Threats
42 Remembrance of Dreams
43 Decisions and Apparitions
44 The Dark Along the Ways
45 What Follows in Shadow
46 Fal Dara
47 More Tales of the Wheel
48 The Blight
49 The Dark One Stirs
50 Meetings at the Eye
51 Against the Shadow
52 Neither Beginning Nor End
53 The Wheel Turns

<<<   The Wheel Turns    >>>
Setting: Eye of the World, Fal Dara, The Blight


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

The next morning, the Green Man's garden is still dying. The flowers are gone and the trees have shed almost all of their leaves, but a thin circle of grass and flowers have centered on the thick trunk above the Green Man's grave. Moiraine is still too weak to ride, so they hang a litter for her between Bela and Aldieb. They are ready to move on, but Loial is aggrieved that the Green Man's grave will eventually fall to the Blight. He walks over to the tree and uses his treesinging skill on it. When he is done, the leaves on the oak are healthy again. They ride out into the Blight, but nothing moves or attacks them. Lan chooses a campsite just before sunset, and the girls help Moiraine set the wards.

The next morning, as they come further south they notice that the twisted trees have been replaced by straight, and slowly, the forest around them has become red with new growth, and it is as if spring now had raced up to catch up to where it should be.

When they reach the border, men come out of the watchtowers to greet them, telling them about a great victory for the Light in Tarwin's Gap. They reach Fal Dara in the afternoon, where the soldiers are celebrating the victory and the spring. Ingtar is not happy because he came an hour too late to see what happened at the battle. He brings them to Lord Agelmar, who tells them that the Light took on flesh and fought for them, and that the Creator walked in the Gap, but he only saw a man, and what he did cannot be. After making sure Padan Fain is secure, Moiraine shows him the Horn of Valere asks for an escort to take it to Illian where it belongs.

Seven days later, Rand finishes his sword practice with Lan in Agelmar's private garden and meets Egwene. He tells her that he will go away. Egwene asks him to come to Tar Valon with her and Nynaeve, but Rand refuses. He says he'll never channel again. When she asks him if he'll be going home, he tells her that he'll never go home.

Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Moiraine is in Agelmar's private garden. She uses her kesiera to focus her eavesdropping on Rand and Egwene. Using the kesiera to eavesdrop was the first use of the One Power she had learned. Smiling, she says, "The Prophecies will be fulfilled. The Dragon is Reborn."








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