"Galad is here. You must remember what a monster he was as a child. Well, he is no better grown, and he is a Whitecloak besides."
   — Elayne to Thom
For a chapter in Towers of Midnight with a similar title, see An Unexpected Ally.

External summary

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Setting: Sienda

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve wakes in the morning and reviews the numerous bad dreams she had during the night. She and Elayne are in agreement that they should now head to Tear since the White Tower is controlled by Elaida. They are not in agreement on how to go, overland or by ship. They go down to the common room to eat breakfast and are spotted by Galad, who has become a Whitecloak. He wants to escort them to Caemlyn where they will be safe from White Tower plots. Elayne says she needs time to think before she can accept his offer. As soon as Galad leaves the inn, Elayne begins making preparations to leave. She does not trust that Galad will not turn them in for being White Tower-trained witches, which are illegal in Amadicia.

When Thom and Juilin arrive she explains and accidentally lets Thom know she remembers him from when she was a child. They finally decide to sneak out of the inn and town and meet up with Valan Luca and his menagerie. There they can be his patron and hide from the Whitecloaks and Galad. Nynaeve questions Elayne on where she knew Thom before. She admits that he was court-bard when she was little as well as her mother's lover.





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