For the shadowspawn creature, see Darkhounds.

External summary

<<<   A Hound of Darkness    >>>
Setting: Amador

Point of view: Liandrin

Liandrin is riding through Amador on her way to Jorin Arene's house, where she and the rest of the Black Sisters are staying. The group is awaiting orders from the White Tower, but they have not received any since Elaida deposed Siuan Sanche. Amellia Arene directs Liandrin upstairs to where the other sisters are. There is another woman there―a recent arrival, perhaps from Tar Valon. When Liandrin enters she finds nine sisters standing, rather than sitting and the tenth, Temaile Kinderode, handing tea to a woman, who is clearly not Aes Sedai. Suddenly she recognizes the woman as Gyldin, the servant from Tanchico. When she reaches for the source to discipline the woman, though, Gyldin channels first and shields her. She names herself Moghedien.

Moghedien has tested and disciplined all of the other sisters. Now Moghedien tells Liandrin to attempt to fight back so she can show her how futile it is. Liandrin tries to use Compulsion, but is blocked and punished with pain. Then Moghedien shows her what real Compulsion is like by using it on her. Moghedien uses air to bind the ears and mouth of all but those receiving her orders. Liandrin and four of the other sisters are to find Nynaeve al'Meara. Moghedien knows they were in Sienda[1], but does not know where they disappeared to.







  1. Possibly she overheard Nynaeve talking to the Wise Ones in Tel'aran'rhiod. See The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 15.

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