"You are well muscled for such a short man, Matrim Cauthon."
   — Melindhra to Mat in their tent

External summary

<<<   Birdcalls by Night    >>>
Setting: Jangai Pass, Taien

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is getting a backrub from Melindhra. He has memories of being different men, some taller, some shorter than he is today. Melindhra questions why he stands in the shadow of Rand. A blackbird call is heard all around the camp and they spring to action to fight Trollocs. Mat kills three Trollocs and a Myrddraal before the attackers are dead or fled. His battle knowledge notes that the size of the attack was too small to have really hoped to accomplish anything.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand wakes to the same birdcalls as Mat, grasps saidin immediately, and runs out of his tent. Rand doesn't understand why they would be attacked. When the sounds of fighting die down he turns to go back into his tent and sees a Draghkar closing in on Aviendha. Rand channels a narrow beam of balefire to destroy the Draghkar. She turns toward him and channels a fireball at him, which he ducks. He yells at her before he realizes she was destroying another Draghkar, not attacking him.

The Wise Ones and Egwene come up the hill to Rand's tent to check on him. Moiraine and Lan arrive also. Adelin and the Maidens assigned to guard Rand come back from the fighting to find the dead Draghkar being dragged away. The Maidens believe they have failed Rand and offer him their spears, but he just tells them to go back to guarding him. Rand then goes to check on Asmodean who is alive in his tent. Rand believes it is Sammael who attacked, since it was similar to another attack he arranged during the Age of Legends. Asmodean thinks it was one of the other Forsaken trying to mislead him. Rand is distrustful of Asmodean, though.

Rand returns to his tent where Adelin still wants to talk about the failure of the Maidens to guard him properly. He tells them to talk to Amys or Bair about it.





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