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Setting: Altara, Salidar

Point of view: Min Farshaw

Min, Siuan, and Leane are riding along with a very depressed Logain. He still has his crown of future glory aura that Min can see. It has been fifteen days since they departed Lugard. After a while they move from Woodland into a large village, one that was deserted not too long ago. There are more women than there should be around the village, fewer men, and almost no children. She then notices that many of the women have auras, making them Aes Sedai. They enter the largest inn to find many women busy with parchments or giving orders to warders.

Sheriam enters the room and addresses Min, questioning why she brought Logain and how she found the location. She and the others of the Salidar Six join her. They ignore Leane and Siuan because they don't recognize them (because their faces changed dramatically after being stilled). Min finally tells them to ask their questions of Siuan and Leane, which brings puzzled looks at the other two women. Leane and Siuan are asked many questions to verify their identities, which is finally confirmed. Min is asked to keep Logain company while The Aes Sedai work out what role there will be for Siuan and Leane.

Min is anxious to get away and find Rand but she is being watched too closely at the moment. She asks a novice where they are and she answers in Salidar in Altara, about a mile east of Amadicia.





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