"They are your enemies, Rand al'Thor. Even the ones you called damane are faithful dogs who would have killed you rather than be free. You must be hard with your enemies, not soft."
   — Aviendha to Rand after their escape.

External summary

<<<   A Short Spear    >>>
Setting: Seanchan (continent), Eianrod, Cairhien

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Aviendha and Rand prepare to leave their snow hut to go back to the Gateway to their room in Eianrod. As Rand finishes making a door, he sees a large flying creature with two people on its back. He tells Aviendha they will have to sneak back to the Gateway. To the east Rand can see an ocean below the rising sun. They arrive near the Gateway and see over twenty people gathered around. Two of them are sul'dam connected to two damane. Rand realizes they must be in Seanchan, on the other side of the Aryth Ocean from his home lands.

Rand binds the group with Air while Aviendha shields the women. They make their way to the Gateway, but rather than showing the room in Eianrod, it is a gray blank. Rand can tell that saidin was used to obscure the Gateway and believes Asmodean may be setting a trap for him. Rand has Aviendha try to remove the collars from the damane but she can not figure out how they work. As they jump through the gateway Rand releases the weaves on the Seanchan. As Rand cuts the weave holding the Gateway open, a spear comes through, but part of its length is cut off by the closing Gateway.

Rand immediately confronts Asmodean, but Asmodean explains that he merely hid the Gateway so no one would ask any questions. When a gai'shain arrived with food for Rand, Asmodean suggested that he and Aviendha were busy. The Maidens construe that to mean they are in bed together and perform a ritual outside the window. Rand decides the spear will make a good scepter and a reminder that the Seanchan are still a threat.







  • At least one edition has the a'dam icon for this chapter.

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