"Men could not avoid gossiping; it was in them at birth, and nothing women could do ever got it out of them."
   — Nynaeve al'Meara

External summary

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Setting: Amadicia

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Since she has no other circus skills, Nynaeve finds herself as the target for Thom throwing knives. Luca is also planning for her to wear a fancy low-cut dress for her performances. Nynaeve argues against it but doesn't succeed. Egwene reported from Tel'aran'rhiod last night that Rand and his Aiel are fighting Cairhienin and Andoran soldiers and bandits. Lan gets into the thick of the fighting whenever he can. The prophet, Masema, is on the other side of the river in the city of Samara, which is where Luca plans to set up his menagerie. On this side of the river are several Whitecloak encampments.

The circus performers are at their various tasks. Aludra has more firesticks for Nynaeve to test as she continues to try to develop them in to a useful way to start fires and light lamps. Juilin stops Nynaeve and lets her know that there are Whitecloaks in Samara, too, and one of them is Elayne's brother Galad, who they are trying to keep away from. Elayne wonders why Nynaeve has a black eye and Nynaeve claims that Cerandin hit her when she wasn't looking. Nynaeve then admits she was asking questions about damane and sul'dam and got into a scuffle. Cerandin has some hand-to-hand training and easily handled Nynaeve, but Nynaeve would not give up.

Nynaeve spots the a'dam that Elayne is hiding and asks her what she is up to. Elayne says she thinks she could make one, which abhors Nynaeve but excites Elyane since no one has been able to make ter'angreal for thousands of years.





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