"And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.
And the Peace of the Light did he give men.
Binding nations to him. Making one of many.
Yet the shards of hearts did give wounds.
And what was once did come again
— in fire and in storm
splitting all in twain.
For his peace ...
—for his peace...
... was the peace...
... was the peace...
... of the sword.
And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him."

   — From Glory of the Dragon composed by Meane sol Ahelle, the Fourth Age

External summary

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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor, Caemlyn, Altara

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

The Myrddraal and the remaining Trollocs are being hunted down by Aiel and citizens in Caemlyn. Soldiers that had first attacked Rand and his people are now also chasing down the Shadowspawn. Those loyal to Gaebril instead of Queen Morgase would have to be sorted out later.

General Bashere comes to Rand. Rand orders that Mazrim Taim is to be handed over to him as soon as he is found. Rand tells him that he is creating an amnesty protecting all men that could channel. Besides protection men can come to him for instruction in the One Power. They will be needed to face the Dreadlords serving the Shadow during the Last Battle.

Lord Bashere said other nations may pledge to follow Rand, seeing he's the Dragon Reborn, but he could not be certain. Lord Bashere then pledges 7,000 Saldaean soldiers to Rand to prove his loyalty.

Point of view: Asmodean

Asmodean is trying to puzzle out what happened that morning, but has a strong suspicion. Many Aiel told him that they had seen him dead. Unless they are mistaken, only use of balefire could account for the difference between what some saw and the current situation.

Asmodean enters a wine cellar in search of good wine when he suddenly encounters someone he was not expecting. His last words before he is killed are "You? No!"[1]

Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Morgase is still in search of supporters wanting to help her regain the throne. She is accompanied by Lini, Basel Gill, Breane Taborwin, and Tallanvor (who is starting to treat her familiarly).





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