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Setting: The White Tower in Tar Valon


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene is visiting the White Sisters Ferane Neheran Miyasi and Tesan. She is asked about how she would go about controlling Rand as opposed to what Elaida has done so far. Knowing Rand, she explains his strengths and nature, and says she would not try to control him. The Sisters are all impressed by her logic. Egwene also details the failings of the current leadership and of the Ajahs for failing to try to heal the rift, instead isolating themselves from the other Ajahs. She recommends they meet openly with sisters of other Ajahs and they agree it is a good first step. They offer her a place in the White Ajah if she should choose that but she replies that as Amyrlin she represents all Ajahs.

Afterwards, she is told by Katerine Alruddin that Elaida has decided she is to have no more lessons since she refuses to curtsy to Sisters. Instead she is to work for fifteen hours a day doing physical labor, and is not to have contact with other Sisters. She despairs of being able to heal the tower if she cannot contact other Sisters. She begins by scrubbing the ovens in the kitchens and tries to figure out a plan. She is surprised when Laras offers to smuggle her out of the city, but declines, stating she needs to heal the schism.

Later that day, she is ordered to attend Elaida, during a dinner with sisters from the Ajahs. She is determined to avoid confrontation and be silent as she was the last time she attended Elaida. She is surprised to find a Sitter from the other Ajahs except the Red sitting at the table with Elaida. Elaida demonstrates her displeasure with the negotiations between the Tower and the Rebel Aes Sedai, but she does so using insults rather than arguments. Elaida starts questioning Egwene's knowledge of the Seanchan and orders Egwene to tell what she knows. Egwene finally relents from her silence and blasts Elaida for all her missteps. She reveals Elaida's plan to have a fourth oath of loyalty. She points out Elaida's particular folly of trying to lock up the Dragon Reborn, which would entail that he cannot fulfill the prophecies he needs to fulfill. Finally, Egwene calls Elaida a coward and a tyrant. Elaida to loses control. In violation of Tower Law, she starts beating Egwene with the One Power. Egwene endures the punishment wordlessly, impressing the other Sisters present. Finally Elaida decides to have Egwene thrown into the deepest cell in the White Tower and proclaim in the city that Egwene is a Darkfriend.







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