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External summary

<<<   Leaving Malden    >>>
Setting: Malden


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Faile and the other Shaido captives have been liberated, and Perrin is relieved. He is inspecting wagons, cherishing the opportunity for manual labor. Gerard Arganda, the Ghealdan commander, wants Perrin's permission to have the Asha'man open gateways so he and his queen, Alliandre can depart along with the Legion of the Wall. The Asha'man are too tired to Travel, so Perrin tells him they have to travel by ordinary means like the rest of the refugees. Bertain Gallenne would prefer to attack the remaining Aiel but Perrin has accomplished his objective, getting Faile and the other captives back so they are not going to continue fighting. Balwer wishes to spend more time searching for information in Malden but Perrin is anxious to get under way. Perrin sees Faile returning from scouting the area.

Tam discusses the logistics of moving close to 100,000 refugees, all of whom are Perrin's responsibility now. He wishes only to retire and have Elayne send a proper lord for the Two Rivers so he can be done with this lord business. Tam says the men will follow him to Shayol Ghul itself, and few will take the offer to return home. Everyone can see the signs pointing to the coming of the Last Battle. Rand will need all the help he can get, and that has to be Perrin's primary focus. Aravine Carnel reports the refugees are ready after she organized them by nation and city. Perrin orders her to get the refugees moving then. In a few weeks they will be able to make gateways to a safe location, but the Asha'man need rest first. Perrin still relishes the fighting and winning against the Aiel but also ashamed that he relishes it.