"Do you like to run, Rand? I do. I was the fastest in Stedding Shangtai. I outran a horse, once."
   — Loial
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External summary

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Setting: Shienar and points south

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand wonders if Ingtar plans on killing the horses with the pace he has set. it seems that he wants to find the Horn in one day. Rand wants to ride with Mat and Perrin, but they always move away. They find where the Trollocs camped for the night. Ingtar says they must push on, so the set off following the trail that Hurin can detect. After several days of travel mostly south, they come to the river Erinin and an empty village. Uno spots a woman in the otherwise empty village but they cannot find her. When they get across, they find the bodies of the guards from the Fal Dara dungeons skinned alive, and hanging from trees. Ingtar says to give them a proper burial.

A little while later, they come upon another village, and Rand goes into one of the houses.  He sees a half-eaten dinner on the table.  Rand has a vision several times of a family sitting down to eat, and the door flies open.  The mother grabs the children and starts to run, the father drops the carving knife he had been using, and the vision starts again.  Rand finally breaks from the vision.[1][2] When they meet in the town square, Mat says he saw the same thing Rand did, the empty chairs around the dinner table, but no vision of a family.  The party meets in the town square, and walks to what used to be a village meeting place, where they find a Fade spreadeagled and bound to the front doors of the building.

They leave the city, continuing their quest.









  1. This was a trap set by Padan Fain. Rand channeled to escape.
  2. Robert Jordan originally intended this to be a trap set by Lanfear.

2. This could also have been a trap set by Selene ( Lanfear ) to encourage Rand to channel since Lanfear was the woman spotted by Uno at the previous village.

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