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"Rand, this land was glad for a weapon to be made. Glad!"
   — Loial son of Arent son of Halan
Book Index


In the Shadow
1 The Flame of Tar Valon
2 The Welcome
3 Friends and Enemies
4 Summoned
5 The Shadow in Shienar
6 Dark Prophecy
7 Blood Calls Blood
8 The Dragon Reborn
9 Leavetakings
10 The Hunt Begins
11 Glimmers of the Pattern
12 Woven in the Pattern
13 From Stone to Stone
14 Wolfbrother
15 Kinslayer
16 In the Mirror of Darkness
17 Choices
18 To the White Tower
19 Beneath the Dagger
20 Saidin
21 The Nine Rings
22 Watchers
23 The Testing
24 New Friends and Old Enemies
25 Cairhien
26 Discord
27 The Shadow in the Night
28 A New Thread in the Pattern
29 Seanchan
30 Daes Dae'mar
31 On the Scent
32 Dangerous Words
33 A Message from the Dark
34 The Wheel Weaves
35 Stedding Tsofu
36 Among the Elders
37 What Might Be
38 Practice
39 Flight From the White Tower
40 Damane
41 Disagreements
42 Falme
43 A Plan
44 Five Will Ride Forth
45 Blademaster
46 To Come Out of the Shadow
47 The Grave Is No Bar to My Call
48 First Claiming
49 What Was Meant to Be
50 After

<<<   Kinslayer    >>>
Setting: Mirror World, Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand sees that there are char marks on the ground, seemingly in a straight line. There is no sign of animal life anywhere. No birds, foxes, minnows or any other creature.  They come to a stream and he makes the others wait to see if anything happens to him before he lets them drink.  After riding for half the morning, Loial gets out of the saddle next to a group of trees and sings, touching one of the trees.  He then holds in his hand a staff made from the tree, which now has new growth.

Hurin continues to follow the trail, but it is as if he is remembering the trail instead of smelling it. There is also no sign of anyone passing through this land. Rand takes the first watch for the night and Ba'alzamon appears again. He tries again to turn Rand to the Shadow and offers to teach him how to channel – lieing that no one else lives can do that except him, if only Rand will serve the Dark Lord. He reveals to Rand that he has Darkfriends even in the White Tower, he knows Rand is hunting for the Horn of Valere, and that Rand cannot escape from his fate, he will either serve or die. Rand denies being Lews Therin, being the Dragon Reborn. Denies that Ba'alzamon can touch him so he makes Rand's sword glowing and the sword hilt burns its Heron-mark into the palm of his right hand fulfilling the Prophecy: "Once the heron, to set his path." for accepting who he is.[1]









  1. The first of 4 marks to identify him as the Dragon Reborn from the Karaethon Cycle.The Great Hunt, Chapter 26