"A man who will not die to save a woman is no man."
   —Shieneran saying

External summary

<<<   In the Mirror of Darkness    >>>
Setting: Mirror World

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Hurin and Loial travel through the mirror world. In the distance they see a spire and decide to investigate. In the real world it would have been the monument to Artur Hawkwing's victory over the trollocs, but in this world the monument indicates a trolloc victory. Later they come upon a woman who is fighting a creature, later identified as a Grolm.  Rand steps in to save her, and realizes that she is beautiful.  No, not beautiful...more than beautiful, her beauty takes his breath away.  She is wearing white and silver, she has black hair, and introduces herself as Selene, a Cairhienin noblewoman.  Rand agrees to let her come with them on their journey, so he can help protect her, since she's lost too.  Hurin thinks she is beautiful, too, and he and Rand proceed to tell her all about their journey.  Rand tells her about the Void. She says in order to use it properly, one must wrap oneself in it at all times. Hurin talks about the Horn of Valere. They continue on their journey, and more Grolm appear behind them.