"It is said that great men make their own luck."
   — Selene to Rand

External summary

<<<   The Shadow in the Night    >>>
Setting: Cairhien

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand and Loial leave The Bunch of Grapes to return to the city, Loial lamenting Dena's win at dice.  A trolloc jumped out at them, accompanied by darkfriends. Another Trolloc grabs Rand but Loial fights it.  Rand tries to channel to help Loial, but saidin won't come. Rand knows it is Fain who sent them.  There are trollocs everywhere, and Rand says they should watch for darkfriends and fades.  THey see buildings to the east which Loial identifies as the Illuminator's chapter house.  Suddenly, Selene appears.  Rand tries to get her to leave so she doesn't get hurt.  

They are trying to sneak into the illuminator's guild's house.  Selene wants him to seek the Oneness (void).  As they get to the door, Loial says illuminators kill intruders. They enter and get behind a building and can hear the Illuminators, Aludra and Tammuz.  The illuminators are preparing for the night's firework display.  Loial accidentally sets off one of the firework tubes.  Then Loial finds trollocs behind them.  Selene still talks about Rand's greatness and how proud she will be of him after he gets them out of here.  Rand shoots a fireworks at a Trolloc, and there is an explosion and a fire. Then Loial and Rand leave since there is no sign of Selene.

They return to the inn where the innkeeper gives Rand a sealed parchment.  It is a perplexing note, sealed with a crescent moon and stars, left by an old woman, for Rand.  





Sword Forms

The Moon Rises Over the Lakes


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