"You play very well at being a lord. But remember this. Cairhienin may play Daes Dae'mar, but it was the White Tower made the Great Game in the first place. Watch yourself, boy."
   — Thom to Rand

External summary

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Setting: Cairhien

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Uno and ten Shienarans escort Rand's party to Lord Barthanes' manor house and then join the other escorts. Rand, Verin, Ingtar, Loial are the main party with Hurin and Mat along as servants, which greatly disgruntles Mat. Hurin and Mat will see if the can find the Darkfriends, Trollocs, the Horn or the Dagger. Barthanes comes to greet the group after they are announced.

The group slits up and they mingle with the crowd except for Rand who wishes to avoid talking to the nobles. There are many entertainments including acrobats, jugglers, gleemen and instrumental groups. Barthanes comes up to Rand and probes with questions on many subjects. Rand answers as best he can or as Verin advised. Barthanes seems to read much into the answers and thinks Andormen play Daes Dae'mar better than he thought.

Rand enters a room where Thom Merrilin is the entertainer. Rand is about to leave when he is accosted by Alaine Chuliandred who blocks his exit along with Belevaere Osiellin and Breane Taborwin. He finally uses Thom as an excuse to get away. Hurin approaches with a story that Mat has hurt himself, which allows Rand to get out of the room. Thom gives Rand a final caution about mixing with Aes Sedai.







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